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John Eggen
Publisher and President, Mission Publishing
A div. of The Mission Marketing Mentors, Inc.

“Using the program’s systems
I’ve doubled my income… twice”

Lorna McLeodLorna McLeod
Coach and Author
“Since I started using the marketing tactics John teaches in Mission Publishing’s program, I have more highly qualified and well paying clients now than in any other year. The tactics that work best for me are the simplest and cost nothing to use.”For instance, I’ve received extraordinary success by implementing two of John’s simple tactics to attract more clients. It took about 16 minutes of time and within two days I received statewide exposure to my target market niche that will provide me with a lifelong stream of income for as long as I want to work. How good is that?

“Since using the program’s systems, I’ve doubled my income twice! I was scared, because I was playing for the goal of a larger amount of income than I’ve ever before made from coaching, but I was willing to try. And this gives me courage to set even larger income goals for this next year.

“And all of this is happening before my book is even finished.”

Lorna McLeod
Coach and Author