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John Eggen Publisher and
President, Mission Publishing
A division of The Mission
Marketing Mentors, Inc.

“If you want results, John Eggen has my highest recommendation. Innovation and ‘think-outside-the-box’ marketing make business happen. John knows how to make that happen.”

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator, #1 New York Times bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul & One Minute Millionaire


“John has extensive experience developing books, audio programs and other information products. He has my highest recommendation.”

Robert G. Allen
Author of 5 New York Times bestsellers


“I used the book to bring in $215,000 in new business during the first 12 months after it was printed. I’m well on track to more than doubling my income in the coming year. I attribute this directly to my book, since it established me as an expert, and to the tactics John teaches to get business quickly.”

Karilee Wirthlin
Independent Professional – Client of Mission Publishing


Now we are viewed as being ‘in a different league than the competition’ and real estate brokerages are more willing to give us time to make presentations at their group meetings. John’s program is priceless. It is the best investment we have ever made.”

Bonnie Dell & Marty MacPhail – Independent Professionals – Clients of Mission Publishing


I wrote my book within 30 days of joining the program. The biggest benefit by far is the new level of respect that people show when I say I’ve written a book. I know with absolute certainty that without John’s program I would still be trying to write Chapter 1.”

Jo Ann Rotermund
Independent Professional – Client of Mission Publishing

Dear independent professional,

If you want to write and publish a book that will make a difference in the world and make money, too, then the three gifts below will really help you do it:

Bonus #1

Ultimate Client Magnet mini-course

My free mini-course will teach you the steps to write a book that gets your message out, attracts new clients and generates multiple income streams… in as few as 90 days, guaranteed.

You will receive 15 brief lessons by email, once a day. Discover how to create your first book draft in 9 hours or less. Learn 5 ways to profit before your book is even written. Get your message out to the world. Attract the new clients you want automatically. And do it all with a book that also is designed to generate multiple income streams, in up and down economies.

“This training is awesome for anyone who wants a book for promoting themselves or their business. I just used it and completed a compelling new book.”

Debbie Cohen
Author of Reach Your Stars

Just scroll to the bottom of this page, opt in, and the training will be emailed to you.

Bonus #2

10 ways to attract new clients from a book
before it’s written

As promised, below you can claim your free copy of this exclusive, members-only, 60-minute teleseminar audio recording and transcript. Learn “insider strategies” to attract high-caliber, new clients from your book before it’s even written.

Since a book is the ultimate symbol of authority, just stating in a conversation or email that you have a forthcoming book (i.e., that you are writing a book) repositions you from a rank-and-file professional to an authority, too.

You will learn 10 easy, no-cost ways where savvy authors simply use a properly developed working book title (not even the final title) to attract new and better clients. You can start using them today and benefit. These methods are free and take just minutes or seconds to use. They have been proven to bring new clients and an extra $22,000 – $150,000 each to professionals who use these simple ways while just writing the first draft of their book.

Why wait? Start profiting now while you are starting to create your wonderful book. Read or listen to this bonus.

Bonus #3

Your Book and Income Accelerator
Session (a $
500.00 value
at no cost to you)

Are you are serious about boosting your credibility instantly and attracting new clients automatically by authoring a book? Or, do you want to create a book and turn it into as many as 55 high-priced information products to impact the world and, in return, generate multiple income streams?

If you are in the process of writing a book now, and are willing to commit the time, money and other resources needed to complete the book now (so you can make a greater difference and make more money), then I acknowledge and will support your commitment. I invite you to request a 45- minute “Book and Income Accelerator” session to be delivered personally by telephone (a $500.00 value at no cost to you). Only a limited number are available. Reserve yours now by checking the appropriate box below.

This 45-minute session will help you to:

  • Create a clear vision of your book and the business and transformational impact you want it to create
  • Determine the essential building blocks to getting the one you want written, published and marketed successfully
  • Discover the #1 factor stopping you from having the book and impact you want
  • Identify the actions that will move you quickly and powerfully forward and into the vision you have created
  • Complete the session with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to create the book and impact you want

Note: This session has been the catalyst for many independent professionals and business owners to generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional income quickly.

“I have gotten two new clients and a $25,000 contract all within 30 days. It took just 3 minutes to use one of John’s simple techniques for sharing news about my book before it was even published. After writing and publishing my book with John’s help, it became an Amazon #1 Bestseller! The value and motivation I’ve received from John and his programs has been phenomenal.”

Jeanna Pool
Independent Professional

Discover how you can set yourself apart from others in your field, boost your credibility instantly, and attract new clients and income… even before your book is published.

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